Karen Schotanus is a communications professional

Karen Schotanus is a communications professional specializing in content creation and messaging.

Sharing Community in Rosedale

Sharing Community in Rosedale’s primary program is the Rainbow Summer Program for ethnically diverse and low-income children, sponsored by Rainbow Mennonite Church in Rosedale, KS.

The Whole Person

The Whole Person connects people with disabilities to the resources they need by supporting independent choice and advocating for positive change in the community.

Buffs on Tap

Buffs on Tap is a Forever Buffs event for sampling some of the best brews and finest wines crafted by CU Boulder alumni.

Rosedale Development Association

Rosedale Development Association strives to work with residents, businesses and institutions to develop a thriving Rosedale community.

Take Five Music Productions

Take Five Music Productions focuses on supporting local and national artists presenting their original compositions by staging events all around Kansas City in venues tailored to the artists’ needs.

Project Eagle

Project Eagle is a University of Kansas Medical Center program that provides early childhood education in Kansas City, KS.

Livable Neighborhoods Task Force

The Livable Neighborhoods Task Force is a nonprofit organization, in partnership with Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS Unified Government, formed to develop strategies for building better neighborhoods.

 Demeter Communications

This Demeter Communications project was for a product called Nyaxa, that produced food and feed for aquatic animals, namely, fish.

 Wyandotte Health Newsroom

The Wyandotte Health Newsroom, originally launched by Healthy Communities Wyandotte, is a collaborative community effort to create and share stories related to the health of Wyandotte County in KS.

 Food Systems Action Team (FSAT)

Healthy Communities Wyandotte previously convened a Food Systems Action Team (FSAT), with the mission to improve Wyandotte County’s food environment so that all residents can and want to eat healthy food. Unfortunately, due to resource and staffing constraints, FSAT was put on hold at the end of 2018.

Buffs Give Back

Buffs Give Back is a CU Boulder Alumni Association’s local chapter/club for their annual day of service making their community a better place through volunteerism.

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