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You can think of us as a graphic design firm, but we’re more than that. We’re a full-service branding team offering graphic design as well as copywriting, social media, PR, photography, web development, and printing. We can handle all of your communication and marketing needs, and have fun doing it. You’ll think we’re the cat’s meow.



Elizabeth Johnston | Visual Problem Solver

An artist at heart and a brand strategist at hand. As a design expert, Elizabeth connects with a human audience by creating images that touch emotions.

Elizabeth develops visual architecture to deliver key messages (words + pictures). Her career transitioned from analog to digital and they both dovetail in her design process, creating a richer, more tactile appeal.

She’s lived in Colorado and Kansas for her entire professional career, growing up in Boulder, then attending the Kansas City Art Institute, moving back to Colorado to work for the University of Colorado Boulder and start her business, and finally transplanting to Rosedale in 2003.


Marissa Price | Designer and Photoshop Queen

A creative and award-winning designer, Marissa has collaborated with Elizabeth since 2000. A Colorado native, she received her BFA from Colorado State University and has been creating smart and visually stunning graphics and images since then. While she’s known for amazing Photoshop work, her original designs are so good they can make you laugh and cry at the same time.


Jeffrey Hill | Photographer, Art Director, Writer and Photoshop Enhancer

An accomplished photographer, musician and writer, Jeff brings a unique perspective to the team. His art direction and photography are invaluable assets to creative projects. In addition to being a creative powerhouse, he’s built high-fidelity amplifiers and speakers, designed lamps and lighting, and lived without a car for five years, commuting on bicycle to reduce his carbon footprint.


While we don’t work to win awards, we always appreciate being recognized by our peers. Click here to see some of our favorites from the trophy case.

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