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Lizzardbrand creates people-friendly designs for forward-thinking nonprofit, educational, and private sector organizations that are striving to transform a little piece of this world.


Lizzardbrand provides creative services to elevate your image and evoke emotions in your audiences. By combining consistent branding and striking visuals, we help you stand out and get noticed.


Elizabeth Johnston
Proprietor/lead designer

Elizabeth had branding figured out by age eight, when she developed the name, logo, and slogan for Lizzard’s Brand. Growing up in Boulder, Colorado, Elizabeth learned to “think globally and act locally” by volunteering design work since teenagehood for nonprofit organizations. Since moving to Kansas City, Kansas in 2003, she continues her passion for community mobilization and advocacy.

Marissa Price
Design contributor

Marissa is an award-winning designer, and has worked with Lizzardbrand on special assignments since 2002. She grew up in Colorado where she received her BFA degree from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Marissa is highly skilled in creative design, illustration, and branding and has worked with Lizzardbrand on numerous design projects since 2002.


We don’t design to win awards, but it’s always nice to be recognized by our peers. Here’s a complete list.

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